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Naya is a residential project conveniently located in Jal El Dib. Totaling 5 buildings, 25 stories and 43 apartments, this project has crafted a variety of living spaces to suit various purchasing powers.

With apartments ranging from 172 SQM to 372 SQM with a terrace, there’s a home for everyone.

It’s conveniently located at a short distance from everything including supermarkets, malls and of course, the capital. It is equipped with a modern and highly practical interior.
Area: Jal El Dib
Financing: BLF
B.U.A Sq.m: 15000
Cost: $9,000,000
Green Area: 60%
Project Start: 12/1/2012
Project Finish: 12/1/2015
Project Status: Newly Launched Project
Project Type: Residential Development
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“Lebanese have ambitions that cannot be limited by their territory.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
“When I think of Lebanon, I am desperately hopeful.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
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