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George Zard Abou Jaoude is a firm believer in preserving Lebanon’s greenery. He was previously involved in planting trees all over the country. He currently has plans to plant over 200,000 trees in BeitMisk as well as other regions in Lebanon; some of which had lost their greenery due to unfortunate events or circumstances.

De-mining of the Southern regions of Lebanon in collaboration with the United Nations

After the 2006 Lebanese-Israeli war, Abou Jaoude had participated in the United Nation’s project to demine the southern regions of Lebanon. The territory was highly dangerous and the plans were scheduled over a period of time, to rid the terrain of threats so as to ensure both the residents and visitors’ safety.

Magicians without borders

After the 2006 Lebanese-Israeli war, Abou Jaoude wanted to give back to the Lebanese community by financing the Magicians without borders’ visit to Lebanon so as to bring a little magic into the lives of young children who had been devastated by the political events.

Promoting local businesses

Abou Jaoude is a devoted promoter of local businesses. He believes that local resources would know more about their surroundings and the needs of their inhabitants. Therefore, he saw to it that the minimum requirements were met in order for them to keep their businesses running.

Local donations

Abou Jaoude has always wanted to give back to his community and those in need. He is an advocate of sharing his wealth with the less fortunate so as to maintain a certain balance and provide opportunities for those who could greatly benefit from getting that extra support.

Granting Scholarships

Abou Jaoude is a constant supporter of education and the doors it would open to enlighten the youth and provide them with the right tools for a brighter future. Therefore, Abou Jaoude granted numerous scholarships to those hard workers who needed financial assistance to pursue their studies and get closer to accomplishing their ambitions and realizing their dreams.

Promoting Entrepreneurial ideas

George Zard Abou Jaoude is a self-made man with a lot to say about the road that led him to become the businessman he is today. He feels passionate about giving back to Lebanon and is actively investing his time and resources into finding people who want to change the country for the better so as to provide them with the appropriate tools to evolve, improve and succeed in setting up and running their self-made businesses.
“Lebanese have ambitions that cannot be limited by their territory.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
“When I think of Lebanon, I am desperately hopeful.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
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