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Quadro Residences

Quadro Residences is a residential project located in Rabieh. It’s one building comprised of 4 floors and 4 distinct apartments with the smallest one measuring up to 400 SQM.

Its modern structure made way for two duplexes amongst the other large apartments annexed to their own little gardens.

Every apartment has 5 parking spaces. The interior is beautifully designed with the common areas all sporting polished concrete flooring, the bedrooms and kitchen have ceramic tiles and the master and guest bathrooms have marble floors and walls.
Area: Naccache
B.U.A Sq.m: 2250
Cost: $2,914,000
Project Start: 11/1/2012
Project Finish: 1/1/2014
Project Status: Excavation Phase
Project Type: Residential Development
A project by  
“Lebanese have ambitions that cannot be limited by their territory.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
“When I think of Lebanon, I am desperately hopeful.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
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