• About Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh

    George Zard Abou Jaoude is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist with a highly optimistic and patriotic vision for a brighter Lebanese future.
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  • Real Estate

    Abou Jaoude is a self-made real-estate developer with impeccable foresight who constantly seeks to uncover new market opportunities to cater to the increasing demand of a growing population.
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  • CSR

    Abou Jaoude feels passionate about giving back to society and has set up the GZA foundation as proof of his continuous involvement and commitment to do so.
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The GZA Group

The GZA Group is the main umbrella that incorporates all of George Zard Abou Jaoude’s activities, investments, expansion plans, and especially his real estate developments. A large portion the GZA group’s activity is related to real estate and in addition, over the past few years, it has been progressively diversifying its portfolio to include media, the automotive industry and resorts.

The GZA foundation, an entity soon to be developed within the GZA group, will manage a variety of socio-economic activities such as grants, scholarships, and reforestation among others.


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Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh

Born in Jal El Dib on January 27, 1952, George Zard Abou Jaoude is the son of a prominent public servant who was in charge of the Directory of the Ministry of Telecom Traditional and hard working family values ...
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Real Estate Projects

The Group

  • GZA, Chabroux
  • GZA, Lotus
  • GZA, Virgin Radio
  • GZA, Zardman
  • GZA, Zardman


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“Lebanese have ambitions that cannot be limited by their territory.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
“When I think of Lebanon, I am desperately hopeful.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
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